The Humming (Lyric Video), 2015


Released in November 2015, this is the lyrics video for Enya song "The Humming", the third from her new album Dark Sky Island.

Time: 3:45

"The Humming..." is a song "that muses on the cycle of the universe and how change affects everything". While Enya was working on the music, there was a part that she started to hum to and decided to keep the section as the humming part. She had read a story that Roma had given her about the earliest sound in the universe was a humming sound, which Nicky said was around forty-seven octaves below the lowest piano key". The sound was inaudible to humans until scientists took the information picked up by the Planck space telescope and reproduced it through audio compression and pitch alteration, which created a humming sound and gave the track a fitting title.

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