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Enya One is a tribute to that great artist. This is as fan site. We are sponsored by Google AdSense and by Amazon.com Associates. Profit isn't our goal. We just use that small amount of money to cover operative costs, and nothing more. If you have anything to say about our ads, please contact us.

Our original content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License: in short, you can copy it for all uses following some rules without needing to pay us. It includes our original images and text.

The Enya lyrics, images, videos and logo are copyrighted and trademarked by Enya, her Aigle Studio and her label, Warner Bros. Records.

This site may use content from Wikipedia. In some pages, we adapted the free Wikipedia content to give you better information about Enya. You can help that innitiative donating for the Wikimedia Foundation.

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This is a fan site. We are not Enya and we can't send your message to her (unfortunately).