Evening Falls..., 1988 Dir. by M. Geoghegan


Released in December 1988, this is the promo video for Enya single "Evening Falls...", from the album Watermark.

Time: 3:47

Directed by Michael Geoghegan.

"Evening Falls..." is a song by Irish singer, songwriter and musician Enya. It was released in December 1988. It was released as the second single and as well as the eighth track from their second studio album, Watermark (1988). It is a new-age track that was written by Enya and Roma Ryan and produced by Nicky Ryan. "Evening Falls..." is a song that Roma described as "a song of a spirit travelling". It is based on a ghost story that Roma had heard, about a woman who had recurring dreams of a house in America, only to accidentally come across it years later in England. Upon entering the house, its inhabitants become frightened of the woman as they explain she had haunted the house each time she dreamed about it. Nicky thought a melody Enya had written suited the story, which led to Roma writing a lyric inspired by it.

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