Anywhere Is, 1995 Dir. by David Scheinmann


Released in November 1995, this is the promo video for Enya single "Anywhere Is", from the album The Memory Of Trees.

Time: 3:46

Directed by David Scheinmann.

"Anywhere Is" is a song by Irish singer Enya, taken from her fourth studio album The Memory of Trees. It became a top-ten hit in Austria, Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. "Anywhere Is" is developed from a staccato line that Enya has described had a "march feel". Initially it was a track that she and producer Nicky Ryan wanted to reject for the album The Memory of Trees. But it was developed further after Rob Dickins, then chairman of Warner Music UK who had signed Enya, was invited to Ireland in August 1995 to listen to the album, roughly one year-and-a-half into the recording process. It was only its backing tracks that had been put down, but Dickins sensed the song had the makings of a hit single and encouraged them to complete it; it was the final track of the new album to be worked on. Enya's melody for the song inspired Roma Ryan to write lyrics about, as Billboard magazine put it, "the search for the temporal heaven all cultures call 'home'", a subject that Enya felt was important as she only writes and rehearses her songs in Ireland. Dickins received a dedication on the album's sleeve in Gaelic.

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