Amarantine, 2005 Directed by Tim Royes


Released in April 2005, this is the promo video for Enya single "Amarantine", from the album Amarantine.

Time: 3:08

Directed by Tim Royes, produced by Academy Productions Ltd.

"Amarantine" is a single by Irish musician Enya, taken from the album of the same name. The word is taken from ancient Greek and means everlasting or immortal (the same as the amaranth flower). The single was released in certain regions on 14 November 2005. Other regions received the single on or after 6 December 2005. Several versions of "Amarantine" were released, some containing all three tracks, and some omitting the "Spaghetti Western" track. In some areas, Reprise released both a "Part I" single containing "Amarantine" and "The Comb of the Winds" and a "Part II" single that contained all three tracks.

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