Aldebaran, 1987 Directed by David Richardson


Released in 1987, this is the video of Enya song "Aldebaran", from the BBC's The Celtsdocumentary. It appears also in her albums Enya and The Celts.

Time: 3:06

Directed by David Richardson, produced by BBC.

Several of the album's track titles are titled or based on various historical figures and stories. In writing about the song in 2002, Roma pointed out that "Aldebaran" is named after the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus. In the Arabic language, the title translates to "the follower" as it follows the Pleiades cluster of stars, and the song is based on future Celtic people "passing Aldebaran on their journey to new territories, continuing their migratory pattern which was so predominant in their early history."[3] The track was recorded in its entirety at Aigle Studio as Nicky expressed the difficulty in having to recreate the recording process elsewhere.

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